NCA Alumni, Kasi Caler, Class of 2017

"Any institutions' alumni are key to its growth"- Shiv Nadar

As North Central Academy established their Alumni Network in 2022, Kasi Caler ('16) quickly became a member of the Network and has provided meaningful feedback that supports the future of North Central Academy and its students!  When asked to be our next Alumni Spotlight feature, Kasi was elated to represent NCA in this important way! We asked Kasi some questions and here's what she had to say:

1. What advice would you give to students and families considering NCA?

"NCA was a great experience all around. I moved to Ohio just before my Junior year and enrolled in the local public school. Right away I struggled to succeed academically and with the high school experience in general. Within a couple of months I was fortunate enough to switch to NCA and was grateful I was able to continue my CTE courses at Sentinel. One key factor in my success was the small class sizes because I was able to get individualized support on my class work and my peers were welcoming. You really get to know both your teachers and classmates so it feels more like a family then just another day at school. NCA also placed a huge emphasis on creating a safe and positive environment for all students. Their staff and faculty were all super friendly and easy to get along with. I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help or that I wouldn’t get the support I needed. I think anyone who enrolls at NCA will be glad they made the switch"!

2. What advice would you give a student currently attending NCA?

"If you are currently attending NCA you have so many opportunities for academic, career, and personal growth and I encourage you to take full advantage of it! When you graduate everything can seem overwhelming and confusing, but by taking the right steps now you could open so many doors to set yourself up for success with a strong support system right behind you. Whether you know what you want to be when you grow up or not, speak with someone about what opportunities are available that could benefit you no matter where you end up".

3. How did NCA prepare you for life after high school?

"NCA allowed me the opportunity to continue my CTE course and also to take college classes. Although I didn’t fully stick to either of those paths I was able to explore different options that were available for me and it impacted the decisions I made to lead me to where I am today. The support that NCA staff and faculty provided helped me grow as an individual in ways that have allowed me to have a successful future".

4. Favorite NCA Memory? 

"Honestly, my entire time with NCA is a favorite memory as I really enjoyed my time there. I just enjoyed being able to go to school and not worry about the bullying or drama you get at your typical high school. One of my favorite memories was working on Red Ribbon Week. With the support from NCA staff and help from my peers we had a successful week of drug awareness. From spirit week, to hall decorations, drug free seminars, pledging to be drug free, and drug free gear we were able to spread an important message. Then there was just being able to make memories with friends at lunch, after school, and even in class. Very rarely was there a dull moment and now as an adult I enjoy looking back and seeing how so many kids from so many backgrounds were able to connect on different levels".

5. What you are doing now (career, schooling, etc.)?

Since graduating I have moved back to Michigan where I work at my local school district doing state reporting, enrolling students, assisting with high school student schedules, and also run our Student Council. During tax season I work as a receptionist at H&R Block and recently decided to take the tax course to prepare taxes next year. I am working to get my business degree and will go on to get my alternative teaching license as well. My hopes are to teach business courses to high school students and someday run a successful business of my own. I am thankful for the opportunities NCA gave me which helped shape and impact my future after graduation!

We are so proud of you, Kasi and look forward to continuing to support your success! 

*If you are an NCA Alumni and would like to become a member of the NCA Alumni Network, please email Student Services Coordinator, Brianne Fox,