Carpentry Students in lab

At North Central Academy we pride ourselves on the ability to offer students a variety of options when it comes to graduation and fulfilling the requirements of the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal!  This year NCA piloted a new industry credential program in Carpentry! 

Taught by Tim Chaney, Director of Buildings and Grounds for the NCOESC Tiffin branch, the carpentry program is a four-part program that students can begin in 9th grade. The program includes classroom instruction coupled with hands-on practice in our on-site carpentry lab. 

 Each module of the program earns the student four (4) industry credential points. Students who successfully complete all four modules will earn 12 industry credential points toward graduation! 

Check out these photos of our inaugural group of Carpentry students: Cenon Reichenbach, Gaven Feucth, Keysa Rumschlag, Chad Brooks, Rihanna Shaffer, Ava Culver, Elijah Blanton and Autumn Taylor.