Shandrell Webb, NCA Alumni

"I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life"- John F. Kennedy 

When NCA Director/ CEO, Matt Wolph contacted Shadrell Webb ('16) to be featured in our Alumni Spotlight, she was thrilled to share her experiences, advice and how NCA helped shape her future. We asked Shandrell a few questions and here's what she had to say:

1. What advice would you give to students and families considering NCA?

"Families and students that are considering NCA as a place of education should compare the atmosphere to other schools. Parent's should take into consideration that school is every student's second home.  They will be spending around 6 hours there for 5 days a week. You are essentially choosing their second home! NCA provides a welcoming and professional environment for students to grow into young adults. Because larger schools have a bigger teacher to student ratio, oftentimes children get overlooked, outnumbered, and feel out of place. That can impact the way they digest and retain everything that is being offered to them. At NCA, your student has the chance to grow and shine as bright as they wish to be! With a smaller teacher to student ratio, they will be noticed, supported, and encouraged to do so". 

2. What advice would you give a student currently attending NCA?

"I strongly encourage students that are currently attending NCA to take advantage of your position! You are in the position to set yourself up for future success. Take those free college courses, explore your creative talents, and host fundraisers to test your entrepreneurial ability. Believe it or not, those are all experiences that you can earn and have under your belt for whatever career path you choose after your journey at NCA! You can even include some of those projects in resumes and applications to help you land your desired role at a future job or college! If you have a talent, interest, or passion, now is the time to do your research and use the resources that NCA offers to possibly open those doors now. NCA loves to see their students take advantage and they are well equipped to advise you on where you should begin to pursue any career". 

3. How did NCA prepare you for life after high school?

"NCA prepared me for life after high school by allowing a lot of my visions to come to life. Big or small, NCA always tried to support my projects and ideas. I coordinated many different senior projects, events, and fundraisers all out of the confidence that I had NCA's support and encouragement. I was able to be creative and exercise my entrepreneurial abilities from hosting different fundraisers. With NCA's support and my class's teamwork, we ended up raising enough money to take the graduating senior class to Cedar Point! It was very memorable and rewarding, and I was able to take that principle with me into adulthood. With creativity, motivation, and HARD WORK, you have the ability to make any vision come to life". 

4. Favorite NCA Memory? 
"My favorite NCA memories would have to be all of the different projects I did. I remember I did not one, but two senior projects because I had the support. I hosted "A Walk Through History". I asked the middle school students to dress up as their favorite person from history and create a report and presentation, so that the other classmates could walk through history to "meet" and learn about them! My other senior project was hosting a talent show. We allowed the students to showcase their talents and it was special to be able to see the students shine in their own talented way.  I gave them the opportunity and encouragement to be proud of themselves, and I think I learned that from NCA.  Singing at the Christmas breakfast is another great memory. Mr. Davoli would always coordinate an amazing show, and I was honored to be a part of it". 

5. What you are doing now (career, schooling, etc.)?

"After my journey at NCA I decided to travel outside of Ohio to live and explore. I am now a Georgia resident, a business owner, a mother of 2, soon to be a real estate agent, and have been doing background acting as well. So far I have worked on about 4 different movies/shows, one of them being an upcoming Tyler Perry movie. The business I own is an independent delivery service, which landed a partnership with Amazon and I have over 50 delivery drivers so far. I've just passed my final real estate exam and am now interviewing different brokerages here in Georgia to see who I'd like to begin my journey with. I'm only 24 with a bright path ahead of me and I owe some of that to NCA. They enriched a lot of the characteristics that I already had and made me more confident in my intelligence and abilities. The time I spent there will always be valued and remembered. Thank you NCA"!

We are so proud of you, Shandrell and look forward to continuing to support your success!