Stephanie Cheney-Sigero serving thanksgiving

It all started with her favorite memory of Kindergarten. NCA Junior, Stephanie Cheney-Sigero set out to recreate the same warm and joy-filled experience for her fellow classmates and teachers by planning and hosting a Thanksgiving Feast today. Along side her fellow BeStrong members, Stephanie coordinated a day filled with two very important things- gratitude and food! "I really enjoyed prepping all of the food and seeing it all come to life" said Cheney-Sigero. "It felt really good to have the opportunity to serve all of the students". 

In planning today's event, Stephanie was met with nothing but enthusiasm and support from the NCA staff and administration!  Students and staff donated and prepared items for the Thanksgiving feast and provided to-go boxes with leftovers for students to take home to enjoy!  

"No one should spend the holidays alone" said Steph; and with her simple act of kindness, NCA students and staff celebrated Thanksgiving together!