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The Mission of North Central Academy is to prepare students to become productive and adaptive members of their community both personally and professionally through collaborative efforts between North Central Academy, community partners, students, and their families.


The Vision of North Central Academy is to provide real-world learning experiences that introduce and enhance job readiness skills and abilities that lead to career or educational discoveries.


Admissions and Enrollment

North Central Academy (NCA) is an open-enrollment public charter school, meaning our schools are:

  • Tuition-free: families do not pay admission to attend

  • Open Enrollment: any school-aged student in grades 7-12 residing in the state of Ohio can apply

How to Apply

NCA Students at Conference


"We wanted an environment where our daughter could learn at her own pace. She was struggling in her home district and was not getting the help she deserved. Since Enrolling at NCA she wants to go to school, she is getting the help she deserves and she is learning at her pace and most importantly is wants to learn and is asking for help when she needs it"!

- Current NCA Family

"NCA prepared me for life after high school by allowing a lot of my visions to come to life. Big or small, NCA always tried to support my projects and ideas. I coordinated many different senior projects, events, and fundraisers all out of the confidence that I had NCA's support and encouragement. I was able to be creative and exercise my entrepreneurial abilities from hosting different fundraisers. With NCA's support and my class's teamwork, we ended up raising enough money to take the graduating senior class to Cedar Point! It was very memorable and rewarding, and I was able to take that principle with me into adulthood. With creativity, motivation, and HARD WORK, you have the ability to make any vision come to life".

- NCA Alumni, Shandrell Webb Class of 2016

"NCA allowed me the opportunity to continue my CTE course and also to take college classes. Although I didn’t fully stick to either of those paths I was able to explore different options that were available for me and it impacted the decisions I made to lead me to where I am today. The support that NCA staff and faculty provided helped me grow as an individual in ways that have allowed me to have a successful future".

- NCA Alumni, Kasi Caler, Class of 2017